Bexar County DWI Court

Judge Celeste Brown

Roberto Ruiz
Court Manager

Alejandro Chavez
County Court 8/ DWI Court Coordinator

Margarita Ochoa-Smith
Case Manager

Leonardo Ramos
Probation Officer

Emile Huggins
Probation Manager

Vicki Longoria
Intake Specialist

Contact Us:
(210) 335-2637

DWI Court
Cadena Reeves Justice Center

300 Dolorosa St., 1st Floor
San Antonio, TX 78205


The Mission of the Bexar County DWI Court is to increase public safety and offender accountability through therapeutic judicial management, collaborative treatment, education and supervision. The goal of the Court is to promote more responsible and productive members of the community, thereby decreasing recidivism and reducing costs.

Who IS eligible?Who is NOT eligible?
  • 17 years of age or older
  • On Probation for a DWI Subsequent Offense
  • Diagnosis of Alcohol Dependence
  • Resident of or employed in Bexar County
  • High risk/High need offender
  • Current or Pending Violent Offense
  • Current or Pending Felony Charge
  • Out of County Residence
  • Participating in another problem solving court

What does the DWI Court have to offer versus regular probation?

DWI CourtRegular Probation
Utilizes the “team” approach to treatment and supervision by using specially trained team members, including Probation Officers with small caseloads and Case Managers who meet regularly with participants Probation officers without specialized training and caseloads of upwards of 150 Defendants; No Case Manager available
Assistance with needs such as housing, education, employment, etc. Ancillary needs are not considered or addressed
Violations of program orders are discussed by the team and handled by the Judge on an individual basis The majority of violations of probation result in a Motion to Revoke and an arrest
Low program fee which takes the place of fines, court costs, and probation fees Defendants normally pay a high fine, all court costs and a monthly supervisory fee to probation
Incentives available as participant progresses No recognition or incentives for progress
Judge meets with the participant during a specialized docket that is held every other week and knows the unique circumstances of every participant Judge only sees a Defendant if a motion to revoke probation has been filed