Mission San Jose

The largest of the Texas Missions, Mission San Jose is located south of downtown along the San Antonio River. Bexar County and the Archdiocese of San Antonio share equally an indivisible ownership of the land within the walls at Mission San Jose, which is operated by National Park Service as a National Historical Park. Please visit the "Economic Impact of World Heritage Status" website for more information about the quest for obtaining the prestigious designation of "World Heritage Status".

Economic Impact of World Heritage Status

Pletz County Park

Bexar County has multiple parks that are open to the public year-round. Each park has different amenities such as walking trails, covered pavilions, playground equipment and cooking facilities. Please visit the Bexar County Park reservations website for more information.

Parks Reservation System

"I Love Texas Courthouses"

The Texas Historical Commission visited to celebrate Texas Courthouses. Bexar County employees and friends created a impromptu Flash Mob to showcase "The Biggest Little Historic Courthouse in Texas". Please visit the "I Love Texas Courthouses" website for more information.

"I Love Texas Courthouses"

Raymond Russell County Park

The Bexar County Facilities and Parks Department collaborated with the UTSA Architecture program to create two design projects. Please visit the "UTSA College of Architecture" website for more information.

UTSA College of Architecture

Lady Justice Fountain

A popular water feature located on the Bexar County Courthouse north entry park plaza greets visitors and serves as a favorite backdrop for Courthouse weddings and gatherings. Please visit "The Hidalgo Foundation" website for an intriguing story about this beautiful work of art.

The Hidalgo Foundation: Lady Justice Fountain

City of San Antonio's "2012 Light Up Downtown Contest"

"Old World" Santa made a visit to the Historic Bexar County Courthouse as part of the Mayor's initiative to create an illuminated downtown. Please visit the "Light Up Downtown" website for more information.

Light Up Downtown

Bexar County Courthouse Civil District Presiding Court

The stone arches at the original courtyard arcade were uncovered and the original stone carvings were restored as part of the new entry feature to the "Civil District Presiding Court".

Press Release: Civil District Presiding Court
relocating to new courtroom

Welcome to the
Facilities and Parks Website

The Facilities and Parks Department is a new County department created in the fiscal year 2012, 120 years after the County commissioned its first building!

Under the direction of Betty Bueché, Facilities and Parks Director, the department is directly responsible for the daily implementation of all construction programs, including: master planning, program definition and planning estimates; architectural and engineering designs; securing Certificates of Occupancy; coordinating the transition from construction to building occupancy; executing the construction warranty phase; and, continued maintenance and operation of those facilities.

Mission Statement

Under sustainable practices and principles, the Department defines, directs and achieves excellence in external and internal public service programs in three major areas: urban and community planning; facility planning, construction, and maintenance; and operation of selected programs.

Bexar County Courthouse

The Facilities and Parks Department is responsible for:

  • Developing master plans for the advancement of Bexar County’s development for the future
  • Acquiring new properties to maintain and build upon the counties assets
  • Redistributing and reassigning of existing and new office and associated spaces
  • Maintaining and operating multiple Parks throughout Bexar County
  • Providing a safe secure family atmosphere with picnic areas, playground equipment and covered pavilions along with restroom facilities and other amenities
  • Operating a Parks Reservation system to schedule time and usage for each county park

Betty Bueché, Facilities & Parks Director

Betty Bueché

Facilities & Parks Director

(210) 335-6684