The Precinct 2 Constable’s Office continuously strives to provide the very best service to the community. However, when a citizen has a complaint or does not fully understand the process or actions of this office, its employees and Deputies will address those concerns.

Complaints can be made to this office in person at 7723 Guilbeau Road, Suite 105, San Antonio, TX. Complaints may also be made by calling 210.335.4850 or by sending an email to

All complaints will be answered promptly. When calling or emailing please remember the following guidelines:

  1. If the complaint is about a traffic ticket and the complaint is solely concerning the “guilt or innocence” of the person receiving the ticket, this should be addressed on the court date with the presiding Judge. Only a Judge can dismiss a ticket.
  2. If the complaint concerns the actions of one of our Deputy Constables, please be prepared to provide detailed information on what actions by the Deputy are in question. (What did the Deputy do that is causing the complaint?)
  3. Please provide accurate information as to when and where the incident occurred and if possible, the names of the Deputies involved and any witnesses. Please also provide the ticket number if it involves a traffic citation.
  4. Please provide accurate contact information so that the investigator can get in touch with you for further information. This includes home and/or cell phone numbers, work numbers, and home and work addresses.
  5. If the complaint concerns an eviction, writ of execution, or service of civil citations, please provide the time and date of the incident and the name and address of the person(s) involved. Also include copies of any court documents and/or related case numbers.
  6. All complaints are investigated. In order to better evaluate the complaints received an appointment will be made with an investigator at a time that insures the complaining person all of the attention necessary to properly address the complaint.