Mission Concepcion Athletic Complex - $16.1 Million Pct. 1

A multi-sports complex that provides opportunities for physical fitness activities for youth and young adults through multiple sports programs, while promoting the City of San Antonio as the premier destination for amateur sports in Texas.

The new complex will include a gymnasium with 6 basketball courts that can convert to 12 volleyball courts, improved softball and baseball fields, a track with lighting and trails that will tie the park into the historic Mission Concepcion and the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration Project on the San Antonio River.

" There is a flurry of projects happening in this area that stand to improve and serve the community for many generations. I cannot stress enough that we are undertaking some of the most important public improvements to happen on this side of the County in decades."

- County Judge Nelson Wolff

"Increased economic development goes hand in hand with community investment. This project is one of many that serves as a clear illustration of the commitment I have made to this area, to improve this community and neighborhood."

-Commissioner Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez

Managing organization website: http://www.mcsportspark.org

For more information send e-mail to: deborah.walton@archsa.org