Mary Angie Garcia
District Clerk

Donna Stein
Chief Deputy

DeEtt Dresch
Senior Division Chief

Roxanne Huron
Division Chief - Civil

Eddie Pichardo
Division Chief - Records & Finance

Barbara Bailey
Division Chief - Criminal

Maria Gonzalez
Division Chief -Central Magistrate

Elva Abundis-Esparza
Government Relations Advisor

James Garza
Sr. Analyst – Policy and Planning

Dan Brewer
Special Projects Coordinator

Lupe Bustos
Executive Assistant

Laura Rodriguez
Human Resources Analyst

Denise Chavez
Administrative Assistant

Charles Merrill
Purchasing Clerk


Downtown - Main Location
Paul Elizondo Tower
101 W Nueva, Suite 217
San Antonio, TX 78205-3411
All mail should be directed to this address

Tejeda Juvenile Justice Center
235 E. Mitchell
San Antonio, TX 78210

Records & Training Center
This facility requires an appointment

All above Locations are Open
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm,
Excluding County Holidays

Bexar County Central Magistrate
401 S. Frio St.
San Antonio, TX 78207
Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week



Many of your concerns are shared by other people. We have compiled a list of the most frequent questions we answer on a daily basis. If the information you need is not discussed here, we are as close to you as your computer, fax machine or the phone on your desk. We also look forward to you or your representative´s visit. Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything!


    • How can the public access the Bexar County District Court files?

      Files in the District Clerk´s Office are accessible to the public with a few exceptions (in compliance with existing laws and court orders). Members of the public may view these public records during regular business hours or can request copies in person at our Records Department in the Basement of the Paul Elizondo Tower. Copies may also be requested via mail or eFiling. For more information please call 210-335-2662. To access available County Clerk and District Clerk criminal and civil records from your home or office, click here to visit our online record search.

      Public computers are located in the Research Room in the basement of the Paul Elizondo Tower with access to database searches. Operating instructions are posted at the computer stations. If you cannot find what is needed, please ask for assistance from any Deputy District Clerk.

    • What options are available to file a new suit/document other than in person or by mail?

      Other than filing in person or by mail, documents and new suits may be filed electronically through a state approved electronic filing service provider. Click here for a list of state approved electronic filing service providers.

    • Where can I find the "local rules?

      Click here for the relevant text of the recently updated "local rules" of the District Courts of Bexar County.

    • Does Bexar County have a process for settling disputes without going through the judicial process?

      We certainly do and the District Clerk very strongly supports mediation by trained mediators as a proven alternative to litigation. The Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center has been offering this sensible avenue for conflict resolution at no cost to individuals, businesses, and organizations in Bexar County since 1984. Mediation may be requested by either of the concerned parties if the matter is not already in litigation. If a court case has already been filed, you may contact the Center to see if your case can be ordered to mediation. The Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center is on the first floor of the Cadena-Reeves Justice Center, 300 Dolorosa, Suite 1102, San Antonio, TX 78205-3009. Hours of operation are Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Center´s phone number is 210-335-2128, their email and their website is Through mediation, both parties in a conflict contribute to the solution rather than turning it over to the decision of an outside party -- and thanks to the pro bono services of local mediators, it´s FREE! The community and the courts benefit from mediation when valuable court time and taxpayer dollars are not tied up with matters that could be resolved by other means. We encourage you to explore mediation before filing a lawsuit.

    • Where can I find a list of Private Process Servers?

      Please contact the Supreme Court for more details at

    • What agencies do I need to include in a Petition for Expunction of Records?

      The District Clerk suggests that you start with her office. (All notices will be sent out via email)

      Agency Address
      Bexar County District Clerk Paul Elizondo Tower
      101 W Nueva, Suite #217
      San Antonio, Texas 78205-3411
      Bexar County District Attorney Cadena-Reeves Justice Center
      300 Dolorosa, Suite 4049
      San Antonio, Texas 78205-3004
      Bexar County County Clerk 100 Dolorosa, Suite 104
      San Antonio, Texas 78205
      Bexar County Sheriff 200 N. Comal
      San Antonio, Texas 78207-3536
      Bexar County Pre-Trial Services 207 N. Comal, Suite 200
      San Antonio, Texas 78207
      Texas Department of Public Safety
      Expunction Unit
      Crime Record Service (MSC) (0234)
      P.O. Box 4143
      Austin, TX. 78765-4143
      San Antonio Police Department ATTN: Identification Unit
      315 S. Santa Rosa
      San Antonio, Texas 78207
      San Antonio Municipal Court 401 S. Frio
      San Antonio, Texas 78207-4432
    • How can I submit my concerns to the District Clerk?

      By phone, fax, mail, e-mail, in person, any way you want! Click here for contact info.

    • How can I have an arrest or court information removed from my criminal record?

      Persons interested in expunction and /or orders of non-disclosure should visit the following link:

    • Do you have a list of helpful phone numbers?

      What you Require Cognizant Official/Office Phone Number
      Traffic Tickets - San Antonio San Antonio Municipal Courts 210-207-8970
      New Marriage License County Clerk 210-335-2223
      Copy of Old Marriage License County Clerk - Vital Statistics 210-335-3009
      Jury Duty Information Central Jury Room 210-335-2667
      Assumed Name/D.B.A. County Clerk 210-335-2223
      Research an Assumed Name County Clerk - Vital Statistics 210-335-3009
      Copy of Birth Certificate Before 1967
      (Rural, Not in City)
      County Clerk - Vital Statistics 210-335-3009
      Copy of Birth Certificate After 1967 Metropolitan Health District 210-207-8815
      Copy of Death Certificate Metropolitan Health District 210-207-8815
      Copy of a Will County Clerk - Probate 210-335-2241
      Register a DD-214 County Clerk - Recording 210-335-2581
      Property Deeds and Liens on Property County Clerk - Deeds and Records 210-335-2225
      Child Support Assistance Attorney General - Child Support Division
      Apply for Services
      Obtain a Protective Order District Attorney - Family Violence Office 210-208-6824
      Civil District Court Information District Clerk 210-335-2621
      Civil District Court Copies District Clerk 210-335-2662
      Civil District Court Settings District Clerk 210-335-2000
      Civil District Court Adoptions District Clerk 210-335-2166
      Criminal District Court Information District Clerk 210-335-2591
      U.S. Passport Agent District Clerk - Operations 210-335-2617
      Property Taxes, Vehicle Title and Registration Tax Assessor/Collector 210-335-2251
      Housing, rental and utility assistance Bexar County Housing and Human Services 210-335-3666
      Reserve a county park site Parks and Recreation Department 210-207-PARK

    • What are the District Clerk´s favorite web sites?

      Favorite Link Information File court documents anytime, anywhere with, Texas' secure, cost-effective e-filing system
      Bexar County, Texas Tons of useful information. Watch county court at work.
      Texas Homeland
      Security Current threat level and links to agencies and organizations involved in public safety.
      U.S. Department of
      Homeland Security Full of tips and information for these troubled times. Downloadable readiness manuals.
      Texas Records and
      Information Locator The State Library´s search engine of state agencies´ web servers plus an agency locator.
      FirstGov The U.S. Government´s official web portal to agencies, officials, services and information.


    • How do I file a civil action or divorce proceeding?

      We first advise you to consult with an attorney for legal questions. The District Clerk's Office is prohibited from answering legal questions or the accuracy of your filing. If you choose to represent yourself, you are responsible for preparing the documents you wish to file and the ability to present your case to the court.

    • Does your office provide the forms to file civil actions or divorce proceedings?

      The District Clerk's Office does not provide forms. Various websites are available on the internet to assist you in preparing your paperwork. The District Clerk's Office does not endorse any particular website.

    • Do I need an attorney to file a civil action or divorce?

      No, you do not need an attorney to represent you. However, you must do the research to prepare your necessary documents to file with the clerk's office. We do advise you to consult with an attorney for legal questions.

    • How do I file an answer once I have been served with a citation?

      As indicated on the citation, you have 20 days from the date of service to file an answer with our office. We cannot calculate or give you the date your answer is due to be filed.


    • Where can I get a felony background check?

      Please call 210-335-2591. Or, come by our office located on the 2nd floor in the Paul Elizondo Tower.

    • When is my next court date?

      Please call 210-335-2591 to check your next scheduled court date or click here to search our database.

    • Bondsman only: How much liability do I have?

      Please call 210-335-2217 or 210-335-2165, our Bond Forfeiture Section, to check your liability.

    • Why do I have to pay court cost and fine, if I already served time?

      Court cost and fines are in addition to any time served and are included in all judgments unless the judgment indicates "time and money to run concurrent".

    • How can I get a transcript?

      If the case was not appealed contact the court reporter that was assigned to that court. If the case was appealed you can purchase a copy from our office if the court report filed one with us.


    • 1. What is the phone number I should call for support with

      The number for Texas specific e-filing support is 855-839-3453.

    • 2. What are the rules that were created for e-filing?

      • Filing Deadline: Documents electronically filed before midnight on the filing date of the deadline are deemed timely filed. An electronically filed document is deemed filed when transmitted to an approved electronic filing service provider.
        • If filed Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, it is deemed filed the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday.
        • If a motion and order is required to allow the filing of a document, it is deemed filed on the date the motion is granted.
      • Electronic Signature: A document can be electronically signed if “/s/” and a name are typed where the signature would appear, or an electronic image or scanned image of the signature is on the document.
      • Stricken Documents: If a document fails to conform to Rule 21, the court may strike the document, identify the error to be corrected, and state a deadline for the party to resubmit the document in a conforming format. The substitute document must be deemed filed on the same day as the document that was struck.
      • Local Rule: According to existing local e-filing rules, which will continue to be in place once mandatory e-filing begins, documents requiring signatures (affidavits, documents requiring opposing party signatures, etc.) must be electronically filed along with the rest of the documents in the case. The filer is responsible to keep the original, and a court may eventually require the document to be filed in a traditional manner with the district clerk.
    • 3. Am I required to e-file?

      The Texas Supreme Court has mandated all attorneys to electronically file documents in a Bexar County civil case through an electronic filing service provider certified by the Office of Court Administration. Pro Se litigants may still hand file their documents. More information about e-filing can be found on the Judicial Committee on Information Technology website:

    • 4. How do I create text-searchable PDF’s?

      The Judicial Committee on Information Technology (members appointed by the Texas Supreme Court) standards require all e-filed documents to be in a text-searchable PDF. Documents in Microsoft Word can be saved as text searchable PDF’s. Simply click “Save As” and a new window will pop up. Under the text field for the file name is a drop down menu. Click the drop down menu and select “PDF.” Once you have clicked “Save”, you will have a PDF document that is text searchable. That document will have a “.pdf” extension in the file name.

    • 5. What personal information cannot be included in e-filed documents?

      The Supreme Court created new rules of civil procedure that include language prohibiting the filing of documents that contain un-redacted, sensitive data. If the sensitive data is redacted, the attorney must retain an original un-redacted document. Sensitive data includes social security numbers, taxpayer ID numbers, bank account and credit card numbers, and government ID numbers. The rules also designates as sensitive information the name, address, or birthday of a person who is a minor at the time of the filing of the suit. Sensitive data should not be included unless it is required by law, court rule, or administrative regulation. The court may strike any document that contains un-redacted data in violation of the rule.

    • 6. How do I access file stamped copies?

      File stamped copies of documents you have filed are available to the filing attorney through your electronic service provider interface. In addition to the ability to access file stamped copies on your account, you will also have copies emailed to the email address associated with your account, and you may opt to have a courtesy copy sent to the email address of your choice (a paralegal, or another attorney, for instance).

    • 7. Who are certified Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs)?

      A list of the electronic fling service providers can be found here:

    • 8. Why was my document rejected?

      The JCIT Technology Standards allow for documents to be rejected for the following reasons:

      • Insufficient Fees
      • Insufficient Funds in the Payment Account
      • Document is Addressed to Wrong Clerk
      • Incorrect/Incomplete Information Submitted
      • Incorrect Formatting
      • PDF Documents Combined
      • Document is Illegible/Unreadable
      • Document Contains Sensitive Data
    • 9. Do I attach the Civil Case Information Sheet to the petition?

      The JCIT Technology Standards limit the types of documents that be filed on the initial filing of a lawsuit. Only original petitions, applications, and affidavits of indigency may be filed on a new case. Once a case has an initial filing accepted, subsequent filings may be submitted. The case information sheet should be submitted as a subsequent filing using the “No Fee Documents” filing code.

    • 10. E-Filing Documents

      • Service/Process
        • You must select the filing code “Request for Service or Process” from a list of “optional services.”
        • A sample of this form may be found HERE.
      • Abstracts & Writ of Executions
        • You must select the filing code “Abstract of Judgment” or “Writ of Execution” from a list of “optional services.”
        • A sample of this form may be found HERE.
      • Subpoena
        • You must select the filing code “Subpoena…” from a list of “optional services.”
        • A sample of this form may be found HERE.
    • 11. Who do I contact if I didn’t receive a file stamped copy of the petition?

      You will need to contact your electronic filing service provider.

    • 12. If I e-file a document at 8:15 in the evening, will it be file stamped the next working day?

      Pursuant to Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21(f)(5):

      • “Timely Filing: A document is considered timely filed if it is electronically filed at any time before midnight (in the court's time zone) on the filing deadline. An electronically filed document is deemed filed when transmitted to the filing party's electronic filing service provider, except:

        1. (A) if a document is transmitted on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, it is deemed filed on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday; and

        2. (B) if a document requires a motion and an order allowing its filing. It is deemed filed on the date the motion is granted.”

    • 13. Are Termination and Adoption Cases going to be E-filed? Are all types of Civil and Family cases going to be e-filed?

      Yes, all civil and family cases will be e-filed.

    • 14. Which documents will I be able to view on the site once I have filed?

      Any documents that were filed and accepted through will be available to view.

    • 15. Will we be able to file orders thru e-filing?

      Not at this time; however, Motions and Orders to set will be signed electronically if the date has been previously approved by the Bexar County District Clerk at 210-335-2000.

    • 16. If eFiling with, how do I contact about questions regarding the use of their site?

      Follow this link to the Self-Service Support page, and click “Contact Us,” which will bring you to a webpage with several options, including an email address, phone number (1-855-839-3453), and even live chat with a customer service representative.

    • 17. Do the rules of civil procedure require that the party requesting a citation provide service copies to the clerk?

      Yes, pursuant to Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 99(d):

      The party filing any pleading upon which citation is to be issued and served shall furnish the clerk with a sufficient number of copies thereof for use in serving the parties to be served, and when copies are so furnished the clerk shall make no charge for the copies.

    • 18. What do the “OAG Use Only” filing codes mean?

      The filing codes with the words “OAG Use Only” are codes that the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) uses to submit filings in their child support cases. The OAG and their representatives are the only filers allowed to use those filing codes. If a party other than a representative of the OAG uses one of those filing codes, they are risking document rejection, delays, and billing issues.

    • 19. Should I use my debit card to pay for filing fees?

      Some of the electronic filing service providers (EFSPs) have said that it is not a good idea to pay the fees with a debit card. When the document is filed, the funds are encumbered in a pending transaction by the bank associated with the debit card. If for some reason the document is rejected, or something unexpected occurs, those funds could remain in that pending transaction for several days before the bank releases them. Although it is possible to pay with a debit card, EFSPs discourage it for the reason mentioned in this section.

    • 20. How can I contact electronic filing service providers directly for service inquiries and support? has a webpage with links to all the EFSP webpages, along with a comparison of the services they offer:

    • 21. What should I do if I do not see the filing code I need?

      If you do not see the filing code you need for your document, please contact send an email to our support address with the type of document you are trying to file and the name of your Electronic Filing Service Provider, and our support staff will guide you to the proper filing code.

    • 22. How do I electronically file a jury demand?

      For new suits: Go to the optional services menu and select “jury demand jury fee paid” then click the “add” button.

      For subsequent filings: Choose the “no fee document” filing code, then go to optional services menu and select “jury demand jury fee paid” then click the “add” button.

    If the above information has not answered your question, please submit your question to