Mary Angie Garcia
District Clerk

Donna Stein
Chief Deputy

DeEtt Dresch
Senior Division Chief

Roxanne Huron
Division Chief - Civil

Eddie Pichardo
Division Chief - Records & Finance

Barbara Bailey
Division Chief - Criminal

Maria Gonzalez
Division Chief -Central Magistrate

Elva Abundis-Esparza
Government Relations Advisor

James Garza
Sr. Analyst – Policy and Planning

Dan Brewer
Special Projects Coordinator

Lupe Bustos
Executive Assistant

Laura Rodriguez
Human Resources Analyst

Denise Chavez
Administrative Assistant

Charles Merrill
Purchasing Clerk


Downtown - Main Location
Paul Elizondo Tower
101 W Nueva, Suite 217
San Antonio, TX 78205-3411
All mail should be directed to this address

Tejeda Juvenile Justice Center
235 E. Mitchell
San Antonio, TX 78210

Records & Training Center
This facility requires an appointment

All above Locations are Open
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm,
Excluding County Holidays

Bexar County Central Magistrate
401 S. Frio St.
San Antonio, TX 78207
Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

A Short History of the Position


This is an ongoing historical research project. We are attempting to obtain accurate dates and other historical details. We welcome contributions from everyone.

For Bexar County Courthouse history please visit The Hidalgo Foundation
and the Bexar County Historical Commission

Clerks of the District Courts have been elected since the beginning of the Republic. The Constitution of 1836 Article IV, Section 6 states, "The Clerks of the District Courts shall be elected by the qualified voters in the counties where the courts are established and shall hold their offices for four years, subject to removal by presentment of a grand jury, and conviction of a petit jury."

The Constitution of 1845, 1866 and 1868 changed the District Clerk´s term to 2 years. This was the law until the amendment in 1956 changing the term of office to 4 years. In 1837 there were 2 cases filed with the District Clerk while in 1970 there were 17,262 cases filed, and currently there are over 50,000 lawsuits filed each year.

District Clerk Name Date Took Office
Manuel Perez May 1, 1837
John R. Block February 1, 1841
James L. Truehart1 March 4, 1841
Rafael C. Garza February 3, 1845
John M. Carolan2 July 17, 1846
Nat Mitchell3 August 4, 1862
John A. Forbes4 Fall 1865
Conrad Seabough5 August 12, 1865
W. H. Jackson6 June 26,1866
Mortimer Slocum7 November 5, 1867
Samuel S. Smith December 2, 1872
George R. Dashiell February 15, 1876
Theordore Boldus November 7, 1882
George R. Dashiell November 4, 1884
Henry Umcheid November. 4, 1892
Nat Lewis November 4, 1894
George Surkey8 November 4, 1900
C. L. Nevil9 November 3, 1904
Andres Coy, Jr. November 4, 1906
Osceola Archer10 January 1, 1917
Howard Archer11 1925
Hart McCormick January 1, 1927
Elton R. Cude January 1, 1967
Tom Rickhoff January 1, 1980
Herb Schaefer 1981
David J. Garcia January 1, 1983
Leticia Gonzalez Pro Tempore December 1, 1997
Mary L White January 6, 1998
Reagan Greer January 1, 1999
Margaret G. Montemayor January 1, 2003
Donna Kay McKinney January 1, 2011
Mary Angie Garcia January 1, 2019
  1. John James - Pro-Tem while Truehart was a prisoner of General Adrian Woll and incarcerated in Perote Prison in Mexico
  2. Killed in Civil War
  3. Appointed to fill seat, elected in 1862. Resigned Jan. 21, 1865)
  4. Appointed by John H. Duncan, Judge, 4th Administrative District
  5. Appointed by Provisional Governor A. J. Hamilton
  6. Brigade General in Confederacy - elected
  7. Appointed by General J. J. Reynolds
  8. Appointed June 14, 1906.  See "S. A. Light Thru the Years" 1976 for 1906
    During this term Minutes of the Courts were in longhand and then typewriters were used.
  9. Died in office and succeeded by daughter, Alice Nevil, to finish term
  10. Died in office in 1925
  11. Appointed to complete wife, Osceola´s, term