Lynne Wilkerson
Chief Probation Officer

Gina Licata Adams
General Counsel

Karl Johnson
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Education & Intervention Services Division

Maricela I. Morales
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Field Probation Services & Court Services

Mike Martinez
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Institutions Services

Jeannie Von Stultz
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Mental Health Services

Geno Brabham
Director of Finance & Administrative

Dennis Donelson
Information Unit

Juvenile Detention Center

The Juvenile Detention Center is located at 600 Mission Rd. San Antonio, TX 78210. Click on the marker on the map below to get driving directions to or from the facility. Please click here to view information on arranging a visit to the Juvenile Detention Center.

Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center