Lynne Wilkerson
Chief Probation Officer

Gina Licata Adams
General Counsel

Karl Johnson
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Education & Intervention Services Division

Maricela I. Morales
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Field Probation Services & Court Services

Mike Martinez
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Institutions Services

Jeannie Von Stultz
Mental Health Services

Geno Brabham
Director of Finance & Administrative

Dennis Donelson
Information Unit

Human Resource Office

The Human Resource Office provides programs, services, guidance and information to meet the needs of our Department in the areas of recruiting, employment, employee benefits, complaints/grievances, training/development, appraisals, wellness, employee and labor relations, and personnel policies.

Over the last seventeen years, our Department has grown significantly from 195 employees in 1992 to approximately 659 employees in 2009. Currently the Department has approximately 100 different types of professional positions. The majority of the Department's positions are Juvenile Probation Officers, Juvenile Detention Officers and Residential Treatment Officers. Currently we have 165 Juvenile Probation Officers, 175 Juvenile Detention Officers and 103 Residential Treatment Officers.

If you are interested in employment opportunities please go to the Bexar County Employment page (Click Here)