High School and College Students

Unfortunately, due to the nature of work done in this facility, as well as staff and space constraints, no training is available to high school students or college students, other than the Investigations Intern or Toxicology Intern positions described elsewhere on this website. Shadowing Medical Examiners is not permitted, primarily because students are not allowed in the morgue area or at death scenes, and the remainder of the ME workday is performed at a desk, which provides little or no opportunity for a meaningful learning experience.

Students interested in learning more about the field of forensic pathology should explore the websites of the National Association of Medical Examiners (www.thename.org (External Site)) or the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (www.aafs.org (External Site)). These provide an abundance of information and guidance about the field.

Students interested in becoming physicians and forensic pathologists may make an appointment to discuss the field with the Chief Medical Examiner by calling 210-335-4053.


Unfortunately, tours of the Medical Examiner’s Office for community and school groups cannot
be accommodated at this time due to space and staffing constraints.