Office Services

The Office Services Section consists of several office staff that prepare legal documents to include death certificates and cremation authorization permits. They handle all incoming calls and visitors to the building for the Medical Examiner’s Office and for other tenants of the Forensic Science Center.

They handle all requests for records in accordance with the Open Government Records Rules, including responding to subpoenas and obtaining guidance from the DA’s Office regarding homicide and undetermined cases. They handle all the scanning of added records, destruction of records after they are scanned in electronic system in accordance to office policy and retention laws.

They provide secretarial support to the doctors and Administration, including handling court coordination for testimony by doctors, for both in-county and out-of-county cases. They transcribe dictated autopsy and other examination reports, performing quality assurance on all case files and scan the entire file to the electronic system.

They also assist in generating statistics used for the annual report each year as well as statistical data as needed for other agencies, news media and other County Officials.