Finding Employment

In additional to the resources in the Bexar County Reentry Resource Directory, additional employment assistance websites are listed below to help with your job search. Day labor jobs may also be an option. Finding a job that pays a living wage is not easy, but do the legwork and you will be successful!

Online Resources

Bexar County Reentry Program

Download “Bexar County Reentry Program” Video

Employment and Reentry by The Urban Insititute

The Urban Institute has explored the nexus between employment and prisoner reentry through a Reentry Roundtable (External Site) the Returning Home study, and an impact evaluation of the Opportunity to Succeed (OPTS) program (External Site) During the May 2003 Reentry Roundtable, national experts examined policies, practices, problems, and incentives involved in connecting returning prisoners to legitimate, marketable employment. In addition, the Returning Home study explores issues related to employment by documenting the prerelease expectations and postrelease work experiences of prisoners in Illinois, Maryland, Texas, and Ohio. Finally, a process and impact evaluation of the multisite OPTS program illuminated the importance of employment and related services for returning prisoners.

Recent Findings from the Urban Institute on Employment and Reentry