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  • What is an Assumed Business Name (DBA, Doing Business As)? Why do I need to file?

    Any person or corporation whom regularly conducts business in the state of Texas using a business name other than the person's legal name or the registered corporate name shall file an Assumed Business Name.

  • Where do I file an Assumed Business Name?

    The first floor of the Paul Elizondo Tower (101 West Nueva Street).

  • What is the filing fee? How many years will it be valid?

    The fee is $9.00 for one owner and $0.50 for each additional owner. The assumed name certificate is valid for ten years.

  • What information is required to file an Assumed Business Name?

    Before venturing to the courthouse, the following information is needed to file the assumed business name certificate:

    • The name of the business and business address
    • Valid identification
    • The filing fee
  • What is the process of filing an Assumed Business Name?

    The County Clerk's Office provides the assumed business name certificate on location or via the website at https://gov.propertyinfo.com/tx-bexar/ External Website. The certificate must be filled out in its entirety, signed by the owner(s), and notarized.

    After the certificate is completed you may come to County Clerk's office at the courthouse or mail in the original certificate with the filing fee to:

    Bexar County Clerk

    100 Dolorosa, Suite 104

    San Antonio, TX 78205

    The County Clerk's Office keeps the original assumed name certificate. If a copy is needed, the fee is $2.00 for a plain copy and $7.00 for a certified copy.

District Attorney's Office External Website

  • Is it a theft or a bad check?

    Under Penal Code Section 31.03 Theft External Website, a person commits an offense if he unlawfully appropriates property or secures performance of a service from the owner by deception. The key under the law is that the owner must give the merchandise at the time the check writer renders the check. Furthermore, inducing a provider of services to provide services by giving the provider a check which the issuer knows will be dishonored by the bank qualifies as deception. Again, the key under the law is that the owner must provide the service at the time the check writer renders the check.

  • How can I minimize my business losses to bad checks?

    • Never accept a check without checking and writing down the id of the person signing the check.
    • Always be sure to compare the picture on the ID of the check writer to the person standing in front of you offering the check as payment.
    • Never allow the check writer to tell you the ID number, always look at it yourself and record it carefully.
    • Always obtain and verify a physical address for the check writer.

    *If you file a complaint on the case with the District Attorney's Bad Check Division, you will be required to swear that the person who stood before you was the same person whose ID number you recorded.

  • How do I contact the District Attorney's Office?

    Please visit the District Attorney's website (External Website) for contact information.

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